About our company:


Since 1998, our company has been a determinant participant of the Hungarian cell and battery market.


The market leading position of our company results from the high-level professional skills, maximalist approach and commitment of the owners and colleagues.

Successful and effective operation and quick supplying ability of Akku-Elem Ltd are supported by the following tools established in a special way:

  • Independent project and wholesale department
  • Nation-wide resale network
  • Dynamic forwarding by our own vehicles
  • Web store network by the co-operation of a courier service
  • Huge stock on hand
  • Extraordinary variety of goods
  • Wide assortment from economic solution to premium category
  • Own battery service  and production department in each shop


In Budapest, we serve our private customers in three shops. Altogether almost three thousands of cell, battery, battery charger, adapter, converter, inverter, cell-operated lamp and their accessories are available from stock on hand. Main part of them can also be seen and tried out in our showrooms.

Each of our shops is excellently accessible both by public traffic and car. Our colleagues of great professional experience are ready to provide help in the selection of the most suitable product. In our shops, customers will not be disappointed when goods are to be paid for since our prices are very competitive, what’s more, favourable owing to the high volume.  

Our wholesale unit operates in our site in Váci Street. Here we work together with several hundreds of partner companies from the whole territory of the country, with uninterruptible power supply repair shops, safety and fire alarm engineering wholesale companies, computer technique wholesale units, emergency lightning maintenance companies, enterprises installing sunlight battery systems. During the past years, we have been laying greater and greater emphasis on project work; our company’s products and services are involved in more and more and greater and greater projects. We offer special prices for public communal organisations, institutions, large users, groups in accordance with their inquiry.

Our specialists continuously take part in extension courses therefore they have up-to-date knowledge in advanced battery and professional charging techniques. We are ready to give special advice to and share our experience with any person interested in it.


Our products originate from our own import mainly. Our suppliers include the greatest Far Eastern manufacturers such as:

  -Minwa Electronic (MW) adapters, converters, battery chargers, power supply units

  -Vanson universal notebook supply units, battery chargers

  -GP Batteries cells, batteries, battery charger sets, lamps, industrial accumulators

  -GMB lithium batteries, cells, button cells

  -Ritar Power lead-gel batteries

  -Leoch Power (SLA) lead-gel batteries, battery chargers

  -HiWatt (HW) lead-gel batteries

  -Jackyl lead-gel batteries,

  -Marshell-Marxon inverters

  -Sanyo-Panasonic-Saft-Intellect industrial accumulator cells

  -OEM notebook- and PDA-batteries, camera batteries, machine tool accumulators, mobile telephone batteries, as well as their chargers and adapters


From Europe:

  -EMOS lamps, reflectors, adapters

  -Petzl head lamps

  -Led Lenser lamps

  -Varta car starter accumulators


From 2008, we are the exclusive distributor of top quality products of the Austrian AccuPower.


Owing to our high production capacity, in our service shops we undertake to manufacture accumulator packs in small and large series out of our industrial (NiCd, NiMh, Li-Ion, LiPo) cells, with short deadline. In addition, we undertake to renew accumulators of screw-guns, machine tools, scrap vacuum cleaners, medical instruments, models, remote controllers, air-soft arms, uninterruptible power supply units, cameras, note-books, PDAs, URH and PMR radios, cordless telephones, personal calling devices, diver lamps with cell change, through spot welding technology, in factory quality, under guarantee.

We lay special emphasis on the protection of our environment therefore we collect surplus accumulators and dry cells in co-operation with our recycling and disposal partners.



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